Economy of communion

Tecnodoor participates in the Economy of Communion project established in Brazil in 1991 to help those in need living in the suburbs of cities such as São Paulo. This project promotes a business style which aims to build relationships imprinted on communion, gratuity and reciprocity at all company levels.
Communion as a central value of organisation, which is implemented by promoting efficiency, participation in decisions and sharing.
Economy of Communion places talents, business skills and professionalism at the service of the common good with particular attention to difficult situations. The company’s investment decisions are taken in observance of plans which guarantee economic and financial balance. The profits earned are then subdivided into 3 parts: 1. For growth of the company (managerial, technological, innovative improvement), 2. Helping those who are indigent to undertake small activities for the start-up of micro-companies, 3. The spreading of this new economic culture.
More than 800 companies all over the world participate in this initiative with activities fully inserted in the dynamics of the global market and belonging to a vast variety of sectors: from interior decoration to construction to systems, from information systems to managerial and financial consulting, from medical services to the production of pharmaceutical and herbal products, from fruit and vegetable farming to cuisine, from the editorial sector to tourism. Out of this variety a structure emerges which is so rich that it confirms just how this project can be experienced in every business environment. It has been the subject of dissertations and in depth studies by illustrious university professors and scholars of economic and social disciplines.