Becoming operational immediately by virtue of a study in preparation for activity and after a thorough analysis of the market, the products and potential clientele, Tecnodoor dared to offer its closing systems, with the presumptuousness that comes with the dynamic nature of a young company, of being ready to understand and produce whatever the market demanded.

Over the years a growth of business volume and expansion of areas of operation led Tecnodoor to transform into an Srl (Ltd) in October of 2008, further reinforcing its image in the market. Just recently, on 30 December 2011, Tecnodoor renewed its corporate organisation, adding two new stakeholders, Comper Nicola and Comper Gloria, and creating what is now Tecnodoor Sas di Comper Damiano e Fratelli. The immense wealth of know-how and technical and management skills blend with the dynamic nature of new procedures and greater attention to external market needs: innovative designs, the selection of high quality materials, the search for energy and performance efficiency are the keys to interpretation which make Tecnodoor an important presence in the industrial and civil closing systems sector today.