Thermal transmittance

Frames with high thermal quality must be used in order to reduce energy consumption.

What is the thermal transmittance?

This is the average heat flow that passes through a structure which separates a heated environment from the outdoors or a heated environment from an unheated one.

Why is it important?

The goal is energy savings, and therefore a reduction of heat loss. You need good quality frames that allow a decrease in dispersion of heat.

Benefit from a 65% tax relief

Financial legislation has introduced important new tax relief incentives to favour taxpayers who sustain expenses for energy savings. The benefits consist in an income tax relief of 65% of the expenses sustained. up to 31/12/2014.
The new windows have to meet certain requirements, specifically required to be certified and have precise values ​​of transmittance.
In this deduction is also allowed for expenditure incurred accessory structures to the frame that have an effect on the dispersion of heat, such as blinds and shutters, or that are structurally merged the window, as the roller blind.

Tecnodoor products certified with a certified high thermal quality: